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Imagine getting into a time machine that takes you to the summer of 1975. The sun is blinding but you feel like a popsicle longing for a jacket. Squinting you look around, but even before your eyes adjust to the surroundings, the icy June breeze tells you you’re in San Francisco.

Five feet ahead, a small dark-haired Joseph James Rogan is sitting on the sidewalk with a spiral notebook on his lap and a pencil in his hand. Deeply immersed in his imaginative world, he becomes aware of your presence only as you squat next to him. You tell him…

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If you’ve read as many articles as I have about websites that pay you to write, you are probably familiar with Listverse, as it is frequently referred to as a good place to start as a freelance writer.

The following is a list of the good, the bad, and the resourcefulness of Listverse.

1. Previously-published Writers vs. New Writers

Beginning May 2020, Listverse announced a new payment policy. The site explains that previously published Listverse writers will continue being paid for future submissions. …

What do we know about illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing? And what can you do?

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Under the UN’s Convention of the Law of the Sea, countries have a right to the water and their natural resources within 200 nautical miles from their coastline — a distance equivalent to a 6-hour car ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This area is a country’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

Ecuador is home to a UNESCO heritage: the Galapagos Islands, a marine reserve inhabited by species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Although the islands are inside Ecuador’s exclusive economic zone, local and international laws are stricter for anyone fishing in the area. …

Time-travel with your nose in a book

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The other day I found my mom sneezing continuously. “Mama, is the scent of my shampoo too strong?”, I hollered as I sat watching TV with a towel wrapped around my hair.

“It’s the smell of the book I’m reading”, she replied. “Is it an old book?”, I asked, thinking perhaps it’s her dust allergies. “No, it’s the one I got the last time your father and I went to the bookstore”, she replied with another sneeze.

My mom went on saying that surely the chemicals used in books during their printing process are no good for the human body…

A glimpse into where the magic happens

A dimly lit room with an old typewriter on the desk and plants on a faraway table
A dimly lit room with an old typewriter on the desk and plants on a faraway table
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Most articles and books that provide writing advice share ‘how-to’s based on techniques used by successful writers. They tell inspiring stories that offer insight on the what, the how, and the why of a certain writer’s writing process. Yet I’ve often wondered if there’s also value in learning about where and when they write.

In his book Write Like the Masters, William Cane explains that the place a writer chooses as their writing space can affect not only the number of words they produce but also the quality of their writing.

Back in the day- before the conjoined usage of…

Melatonin and Vitamin D’s correlation to sleep

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Sleep deprivation is a silent epidemic that existed long before COVID-19. Three years ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that 1 in every 3 adult Americans aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis. For the business world, this translates into a sleep aid industry worth more than $70 billion dollars. For the average joe like you and me, the fact that such a thing as a sleep aid industry even exists should be a wake-up call.

Two of the most commonly prescribed — and marketed as harmless- hormone supplements are melatonin and Vitamin D. Did…

The unglamorous story of an actress who started a business from scratch

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The girl in movies you see wearing a bikini and kicking ass is how Jessica Alba describes how most people perceive her. It’s an unsurprising depiction of her Hollywood persona. Alba is an actress best known for starring in blockbuster action movies like Fantastic Four and Sin City. In 2007 British men’s lifestyle magazine, FHM named her the Sexiest Woman in the World.

However, in 2015 she graced the cover of a different type of magazine. Wearing a sleek power suit and a confident smile she fronted the cover of Forbes Magazine, making it into the list of America’s Richest…

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